The Appalachian

Trail Mate


The premiere planning tool for your next great adventure on the Appalachian Trail!

Automatically create trips of any desired length. Just select your starting point and/or ending point and provide a few additional details like the number of days you want to hike and/or how many miles per day you prefer to hike and a custom trip is created in just a few seconds. The AT Mate locates the best campsites or shelters with water nearby for you without a lot of time intensive manual calculations to find the most reasonable camping locations.

Create detailed itineraries to leave as a reference to others or to be carried on the trail.

As you navigate along the more than 1500 waypoints that comprise the entire length of the trail, the AT Mate displays detailed summary information about each point in plain English sentences, references to the ATC published guide books and maps pertinent to the point.

View dynamically generated distance information as you navigate the trail. Automatically see distances to the previous and next waypoint locations as well as cumulative daily distances. Instantly measure the distance between any two points by simply highlighting the range. 

Add your own personalized comments to any waypoint and then save and share them with other users.

Trip summary screen allows you to view numerous trip statistics at one time and even identifies trouble areas for you.

An easy to understand visual display of the available facilities for each of the waypoints along the trail. (Available facilities may be any of the following - Shelter, Campsite, Water, Road Access, Groceries, Lodging, Meals and Post Office).

(compatible with Windows XP, ME, 2000, Vista and 7)